Sunday & Vigil Mass Times

Saturday Vigil

5.00pm – Balmain


9.00am – Balmain

10.30am – Rozelle

5.00pm – Balmain
(NOTE: new time from December 2021)

Weekday Mass Times

New schedule ad experimentum for weekdays is as follows:

Monday – 9.15am – Balmain

Tuesday – 6.00pm – Balmain
(Confessions from 5.00pm)

Wednesday – 7.30am – Rozelle
Wednesday – 9.15am – Balmain
(depending on availability of clergy, it will be either a Mass or a Communion Service)

Thursday – 9.15am – Balmain

Friday – 7.30am – Balmain

Saturday – 9.15am – Balmain

Please check our Weekly Bulletin for changes to Mass times

COVID Rules (last updated: 15 December 2021)

  • Places of worship can open to all members of the public
  • Check in with ServiceNSW app or manual registration is required
  • Face masks are required if over the age of 12
  • Restrictions on wedding and funeral services apply (please refer to NSW Health orders)

Christmas Mass Times

Christmas Eve (Friday, 24 December)

5.00pm – Family Mass – Balmain

7.00pm – Family Mass – Rozelle

9.00pm – First Mass of Christmas – Balmain

Christmas Day (Saturday, 25 December)

9.00am – Balmain

10.30am – Rozelle

5.00pm – Vigil of the Sunday Mass – The Holy Family – Balmain

Church Location

Eaton St
Balmain NSW 2041
[ See on Google Map ]

Presbytery: 3 Jane Street, Balmain

Primary School: Fr John Therry Catholic Primary School
Eaton St, Balmain NSW 2041

Contact Details

Phone: 02 9810 1157