1st Eucharist (Communion) 2021

Once a child has received both the Sacraments of Baptism and Penance (Reconciliation) they are eligible to receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion (Eucharist). Generally, students who are in Year 3 or above, are invited to participate in this Sacrament. At St Augustine’s and St Joseph’s Parishes, this sacrament is offered during Term 4 of the school year (with registration completed during the previous term). Every candidate is required to participate in the preparation program, prior to the Sacramental day.


Parents are asked to register their child for the First Eucharist program using the link below.  

An administration fee is required to cover the costs of preparation materials. You are asked to pay this at the time you register your child.   It can be paid by credit card via the link to the left of this page (Make your Payment or Donation), or by delivering the money, in an envelope, to the parish Secretary (marked with your child’s name). If you have difficulty in paying this fee please arrange an appointment to see Fr Richard by contacting the Parish Office on (02) 9810 1157

Preparation Program

Preparation sessions for receiving the Sacrament will occur over a four week period. These sessions are to be attended by both parents and children and will be held at St Augustine’s Balmain.


Thursday 21 October

Thursday 28 October

Thursday 4 November

Thursday 11 November

All Preparation sessions are at St Augustine’s Balmain

First Eucharist ceremonies will be held at both

St Augustine’s Balmain and St Joseph’s Rozelle – 13/14 November 2021


is open here

For questions regarding First Eucharist please contact the Parish Office on 02 9810 1157

or email the office at office@staugbalmain.org.au