1st Eucharist (Communion)


Once a child has received both the Sacraments of Baptism and Penance (Reconciliation) they are eligible to receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion (Eucharist). Generally, students who are in Year 3 or above, are invited to participate in this Sacrament. At St Augustine’s and St Joseph’s Parishes, this sacrament is offered during Term 4 of the school year.


  • Candidates are in Year 3 or above at school.
  • Attendance of Mass at St Augustine’s or St Joseph’s on a regular basis.
  • Candidates have been baptised and a copy of Baptism Certificate provided with enrolment form if not baptised at St Augustine/ St Joseph Parish.
  • Attendance at the Preparation Sessions by the Candidate and at least one parent/carer is expected. Attendance by both parents encouraged.


Key Dates for 2022

Preparation Sessions:

Session 1: Sunday 23 October 5.45pm or Wednesday 26 October 6.30pm

Session 2: Sunday 6 November 5.45pm or Wednesday 9 November 6.30pm

Session 3: Sunday 13 November 5.45pm or Wednesday 16 November 6.30pm

Session 4: Sunday 20 November or Wednesday 23 November 6.30pm

All preparation sessions will be held at St Augustine’s Church

Sacrament of Eucharist:

Sunday 27 November 12pm at St Augustine’s

Sunday 4 December 12pm at St Augustine’s

Sunday 11 December 12pm at St Joseph’s

Sacrament of Reconciliation (for NON FJT students) –

Preparation session: Tuesday 15 November 6.30pm at St Augustine’s

First Confession: Tuesday 22 November 6.30pm at St Augustine’s

Please note, if a current Year 3 student missed out on making their Reconciliation sacrament last year due to Covid they will celebrate this sacrament during the preparation period for 1st Eucharist. Please enrol for both sacraments.


Enrolment for 1st EUCHARIST 2022 have closed

An administration fee of $50 is payable at registration (select Sacramental Programs). It can be paid by credit card via the yellow icon to the left of this page (Make your Payment or Donation), or delivering the money in an envelope to the parish Secretary (marked 1st Eucharist and with your child’s name), or handing to the sacramental coordinator during preparation classes.

No child will ever be denied the opportunity to receive the Sacraments due to financial limitations. Families in difficult financial circumstances should contact the parish office to discuss their situation confidentially.

For questions regarding First Eucharist please contact the Parish Office on 9810 1157 or email the sacramental coordinator at balrozparishes@gmail.com